Stress, Health, & Human Flourishing

Stress, Health, & Human Flourishing

Event Papers


Thereareatotalofninecurrenteventpapersassignedinthisclass.Eachpaper is worth 25 points. These papers are to cover something pertinent and current that is happening in the field of psychology for each chapter. You can find such current events from articles, podcasts, documentaries, etc. For example, when we cover the chapter on gender and sexuality, perhaps you want to write a current event paper on how the age of online dating is affecting one’s attraction and dating styles. Or, when we cover the chapter on memory, perhaps you want to write a paper on how technology has decreased one’s short-term memory due to technological advances that don’t encourage the use of our memories. I will occasionally post podcasts and documentary links on D2L for you to use to write these papers. However, you are responsible for finding your own current research to write about. To get up-to-date articles about current events in the field of psychology, I suggest utilizing the following websites:


Each paper should discuss the chapter at hand, the event you found that is currently relating to the chapter we are currently studying, and your opinion about the subject material. Each paper should be two pages in length, double- spaced, and APA-formatted. Cite any source (article, podcast, etc.) you reference using APA formatting!

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