Stratogic Marketing project – Whites pharmacies (KSA)

Two stages
1. Industry Analysis 
Each team is required to select one industry within the Saudi market and analyze it from a strategic marketing point of view. Specifically, your team will be required to conduct an External & Internal Environmental Analysis, a Competitor Analysis and a Comprehensive Strategy Assessment of the main players in the industry. The team is required to prepare a written report regarding the chosen industry. The report should be maximum 10-12 pages (executive summary, exhibits, references, appendices, cover sheet, and any other material deemed relevant may be added to the above page limit). 
2. Marketing Plan
Within the chosen Industry, select one player and conduct a complete Marketing Strategy Analysis. Pick a Marketing Problem/ Opportunity the company is facing at the moment and then recommend new positioning and marketing strategies for your chosen player. 
Each team must deliver a maximum 20 minute PowerPoint presentation, not including Q&A and discussion time. The presentations can be as creative as you like so long as they cover the essential issues required in the analysis.


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