Strategic Operations Issue Solution

Strategic Operations Issue Solution
Using your own organisation or a local organisation that you know well, identify a strategic operations issue or problem that needs to be addressed. This problem should be based on one of the topics you have covered in this subject. Essentially, your task will be to:
a) Describe the organisation briefly, but well enough for the assignment examiner to understand what the organisation does and its relevance to this assignment
b) Briefly explain the specific operational issue, problem or process that needs to be addressed and provide clear details of its function within the organisation. For example, this might include:
• a chart or process flow diagram to show the functional relationships of the process or problem issue with the rest of the organisation’s workflow (NB – I can supply example)
• key objectives and purpose of the operation including your opinion of its current and ideal performance (preferably supported by actual performance data)
• opportunities for change and improvement to the process or techniques being used now
• resource implications or constraints that need to be considered
• technologies and/or manpower issues involved in the process.
c) Analyse the problem using a concept covered in this subject (this should be the major part of your work and your report). (If you believe it is appropriate, you can use more than one concept from the subject but bear in mind the word limit mentioned below.) In analysing the problem, you should consider:
• the five main performance objectives of operations management;
• changes to performance or outcomes (such as cost, output, quality, productivity etc);
• potential improvements that you believe can be made;
• relevant theory calculations where possible;
• where possible, any information about the costs involved
d) Provide brief recommendations for improving the process or problem including comparisons of your recommendations against the current system, and details of changes needed to correct the problem or improve the situation. Bear in mind that your recommendations should be potentially cost effective i.e. you must argue the changes from the point of view of their potential to improve cost, quality, output, productivity etc. In other words, do not just provide a ‘wish’ list of recommendations without considering their practicality.
Important Instructions
1. Assignments must contain proper citations and referencing using the Harvard style referred to in the AIB Style Guide, that is:
a. citations (or in-text references) of quoted and paraphrased materials to support your arguments/comments, and
b. a reference list relating specifically to your in-text references.
2. Your grade will be adversely affected if there is no/poor citations and/or reference list, as referred to above.
3. Assignments of this nature normally contain between 6 and 12 relevant references from different sources in the reference list.
4. All references must be from credible sources such as books, industry related journals, magazines, company documents and latest articles.
5. You are encouraged to make use of the AIB online library which can be accessed through the AIB website.
6. AIB checks assignments with anti-plagiarism software. Please carefully check your assignments before final submission to ensure that all quoted and paraphrased materials are properly cited and referenced.
7. The total number of words should be 2500 words (excluding your cover page, an abstract, table of contents, list of references or appendices.) Penalties may apply when you exceed the word limit. You can place any supporting material that exceeds this word limit into appendices. However, a reader should not have to look at an appendix to determine the main thrust of the points you are making in your assignment. So make sure all your main points are in the body of your assignment and refer there to the appendices that will support the points you are making.

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