Strategic Human Resource Management (Reporting writing by analyising case study)

Structure of report of MetalEx that should be written 


2) STEEPLED (External Environment)(Note: Very deep analysis STEEPLED/PESTEL is needed. Not in one or two sentences but in a paragraph or more with strong academic references)

3)Opportunity and threats of MetalEx 

4)Business Strategy 

5)Evaluation of the organisation’s strengths and weaknesses 

6)Human resource strategy 

7)Human resource policies and practices 




Please avoid soft URLs including Wikipedia for sourcing information.

seventeen( 17) references are needed for this question. In order to answer this question academic journal articles and text book only which is year between 2010-2015 only not old articles. 

For example: As shown in the following example, Academic Journal Articles must be in Harvard style in reference lists: 

Ballesteros-Rodríguez, JL, De, SP & Domínguez-Falcón, C 2012 ‘The role of organizational culture and HRM on training success: evidence from the Canarian restaurant industry’, The International Journal of Human Resource Management, vol. 23, no. 15, pp. 3225-3242.

For example: Text book must be in Harvard style in reference list which is shown in the following example: 

Noe, RA & Winkler, C (ed) 2013, ‘Training & Development’- Learning for Sustainable Management, McGraw-Hill, Australia.

I. Please avoid soft URLs including Wikipedia for sourcing information

II.Use Harvard referencing styles only; please include page number in text reference and URL of Source you have taken. Copy and paste sentences in assignment are totally forbidden and it will create big trouble in terms of academic integrity and plagiarism. So, please paraphrase every sentence you source from any academic journal articles or text books. Also, you could use your own creative ideas and opinion while answering questions. 

III. Please do not cope and paste the sentences from Case study if needed to write the answer from Case study please paraphrase the sentences from case study very thoroughly.


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