strategic concept

Assignment Topic

Assignment 3 (Individual)  
Length: One page schematic table (or diagram) plus 750 words (no leeway beyond 750; penalties for exceeding the word limit apply). Please use double spacing and 12 pt font for the written part; any font size can be used for the schematic table (as long as it can be read by the naked eye).




25 marks

The Strategic Management Process: Theories, Concepts, Tools and Application

Successful general managers are highly competent in problem identification and analysis and have a strong action orientation. One purpose of this unit is to provide an environment that will allow students to hone these skills, while at the same time gain a conceptual understanding of the strategic manager’s task. Assignment three has two tasks that require you to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in strategic management.


First, you are required to develop a one page (A4) detailed schematic table or diagram that presents a comprehensive overview of the core theories, concepts and tools used by strategic managers who need to have an in-depth understanding of generic problems in all relevant functional areas of a firm or organisation. These theories, concepts and tools are covered in this unit and the unit’s textbook.


A schematic table is a presentation of the elements of a system or process, in this case the strategic management process. It should be visually powerful, appealing, informative, and presented in a logical order to reflect the overall integrity of the strategic management system or process. You can choose a small font, coloured boxes and different shapes. Acronyms may be used as headings, but each word within the acronym must be shown. At a minimum, your schema should include, but is not limited to:

 External environmental analysis (SMFA & PESTLE)

 Industry analysis (Porter’s 5 forces of competition)

 Resource model (TO + WS)

 Mission, vision, values

 Value chain analysis

 5 generic business level strategies

 Managing relationships with customers

 Corporate strategy (vertical and horizontal integration, diversification, portfolio analysis)

 Co-operative, Competitive, International & M&A strategies.

 Diamond of national advantage

 Leadership

 Corporate governance

 Structure and controls.


Second, you are required to select three of the above concepts and discuss how Quantas has utilised them to create value. You are limited to 250 words per concept (750 in total).

An example of a partial schema (without content) is given below as a guide only. You are free to use other creative formats.



I will show you example table that my tutor given, because I can not paste it, so I take photo please have check on web. This table is like mind map about strategic management.

Assignment 3 Evaluation Criteria:

Strategic Management and Policy Development PG Name:
Mark and Grade: /25



Area of evaluation                       Mark Available     Mark Achieved    


Schematic table Comprehensive,                     10

informative, logical order, visual appeal.


Discussion and application of concept 1               5


Discussion and application of concept 2                 5


Discussion and application of concept 3                   5




This assignment concept only use text book   Hanson, D., Hitt, M.A., Ireland, R.D. & Hoskisson, R.E. 2014. Strategic Management Competitiveness & Gobalisation (5th Asia-Pacific ed.), Cengage Learning: South Melbourne, Australia.

If you apply how the firm using these three strategic line create value (you can using other references) thanks


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