statistics t test ( there has to be statistics charts found by using spss statistics program)

This project is designed for you to apply what you learned in both lectures and labs to write a short research paper (3-5 pages, double-spaced).
• Organization and Coherence (20%): Your research question/problem should be clearly introduced in the very beginning. Discussions on why the problem is important and worthy of research should follow the introduction of the problem. Next, you need to explain the statistical method you will use to do research on the problem. Then in the result section, you should present the evidence you find with regard to the research question. Finally, you may state your conclusions or arguments while discussing theoretical or policy implications. An ideal structure would follow this: Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion.
• Personal Opinions (20%): A good paper not only presents a good summary of the results from your statistical analyses, but also provides clearly argued views the author holds with regard to the topic being researched. I will look for your own words discussing the problem and evaluating the evidence you are presenting. It would be a plus if you can incorporate theories or policy implications into the findings you presented.
• Writing (10%): Clear and coherent writing is essential for a good paper. Grammar and spelling will be considered.
• Statistical Analyses (50%): You should demonstrate your newly-acquired statistical skills as much as you can. You will be analyzing data in SPSS by applying statistical techniques/operations you will have learned in the lectures. Your analyses should include both descriptive and inferential statistics, presented in the formats of both statistical tables and English sentences. The statistical techniques you choose to use should be appropriate to your research question and variables. You should also provide sufficient interpretations for your results.


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