Statistical Methods in psychology, Experiment to be conducted using the proper statistic.

ONLY ASSIGN AN AMERICAN WRITER!!! I have talked to tech support and they have guaranteed me I will get an American writer or I will get all my money back. The assignment must be typewritten and also utilize excel spreadsheet. Not sure how many pages you will need. Suppose you are hired as a research psychologist by a dental products firm. Outline an experiment in which you are trying to provide supporting evidence that brushing with the toothpaste brand “BEST” results in fewer cavities than when brushing with other brands of toothpaste. Be sure to describe who your research participants will be and how you will assign them to different conditions or groups. Identify your independent and dependent variables, state the appropriate hypotheses. In line with your dependent variable create a fictitious data set but must be realistic… Conduct a thorough analysis on your obtained data using the appropriate statistic for your design and discuss your obtained results. Exceptional projects will utilize statistical software to analyze the collected data. The Z test will not be appropriate for this study, so utilize the appropriate test and use the appropriate statistic…


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