speech to present to the committee

The speech must include ALL of the following elements:


  1. A discussion of least two important events in Newark’s past that need to be highlighted during a commemoration event and why they should be included.
  2. A discussion of least two transformative moments, eras, and/or transitions that occurred in the city’s past and why they are significant and need to be included in the commemoration.
  3. And lastly, what is the one public program, art installation, statue, preservation project, museum exhibit, lecture, documentary film, public school curriculum, or any piece of public history that you want included in the commemoration and why. You must make an argument for why this choice is an essential piece of the commemoration event.


*Remember, you are in 1941, so do not talk about things that have not happened yet. You cannot preserve buildings that haven’t been built yet (though you can plan to preserve buildings that are actively used at this point). Also, keep in mind that a commemoration is not the same as a celebration. Though there can be

List of Readings That Count Towards the Five Citations:


  1. New Jersey Historical Society, Records of Newark, v-x and 1-2
  2. Green, Howard, ed., Words That Make New Jersey History, “Between Hope and Fear: A Legend of the First Lenape Encounter with Europeans”
  3. Paine, Thomas, “The American Crisis”
  4. Green, Howard, ed., Words That Make New Jersey History, “Germans Assaulted Indiscriminately: Ethnic Violence in Hoboken (1851)”
  5. Exhibition at the Newark Public Library, 2007, “The Irish in Newark and New Jersey”
  6. New Jersey State Archives “WPA Irish Case Histories”
  7. Green, Howard, ed., Words That Make New Jersey History, “These Foreigners Must Be Educated: Americanizing the Immigrant (1916)”
  8. Price, Willard. “The Ironbound District,” 1912
  9. The New York Times, “Newark Begins Celebration of 250th Birthday
  10. Reeves, Ira, Ol’Rum River
  11. Green, Howard, ed., Words That Make New Jersey History, “Strikebreaker or Color-Barrier Breaker?: Race and the Labor Movement (1923)” – excerpt from William Ashby’s Tales Without Hate.p(5)

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