SPE 258: Forum Questions

Topic 2:

  1. Compare and contrast the immediate and long-term effects of traumatic brain injury in early childhood versus those sustained in later/adolescent years.
  2. Describe and explain the functions and interaction of neuron, central, and peripheral nervous systems.

Topic 3:

  1. A student with MD may have a low self-perception. Why? How would you, as the instructor, make that student feel valued?
  2. Does the ability to understand death vary by the age of the student? Explain. In your opinion, how would a teacher encourage a child with DMD or SMA to reconcile with his or her inevitable death due to a physical impairment?

Topic 4:

  1. Considering the various types of physical and health impairments, do you believe that certain impairments affect normal motor development more significantly than others? Explain your answer using empirical research.
  2. Compare and contrast the difference between structural and nonstructural curvatures of the spine?

Topic 5:

  1. As a teacher, what are three to five goals you have to achieve in order to meet the needs of students with visual impairments? What are three to five goals you have to achieve in order to meet the needs of students with hearing impairments?
  2. Several terms are used to describe visual impairments. List and explain how each of them relates to the classroom environment.

Topic 6:

  1. As a teacher, is it more important to focus on strategies to increase learning skills, behavioral skills, or social abilities for students with major health impairments? Explain.
  2. Describe a congenital heart defect. How do heart defects affect students’ learning?

Topic 7:

  1. Compare and contrast the future between individuals without disabilities and the future of individuals with PHI. Explain your response. What evidence do you have to support your response?
  2. Why is the definition of multiple disabilities significant to education? How does it relate to the classroom?

Topic 8:

  1. Are there any special considerations in the design of an IEP for a student with multiple disabilities compared to an IEP for a student with one disability in Math and English Language Arts that are supported by research-based instructional strategies? Explain.

What are the significant barriers in obtaining and maintaining peer relationships for students with PHI? How


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