Sonnet- To Science

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Please pay attention to #3 in red; you have NOT been including these in my previous papers. I am and have provided these attachments/files for you again. 
You must include the ‘academic templates moves’ and verbs (must be BOLDFACED in essay) . My teacher has been taking points off my papers. Thank you

Respond to the following prompt: What is the speaker’s attitude toward science in Edgar Allan Poe’s 
“Sonnet–To Science”? Resist the urge to look up summaries or criticism of the poem. This assignment is specifically asking for your analysis and response without any external input. Support your discussion with specific in-text support from the speech. 
At the end of your post, provide two thought-provoking questions (use the question signals How or Why) about the text that your classmates might address in their reply. These two questions should focus on themes or images you see presented in the poem, not on events in the story itself.

This essay must be a minimum of 275 words. 

You must demonstrate your ability to analyze and synthesize the material you have read. You will accomplish this in a number of ways:
1. You must include a minimum of one in text citation from the assigned reading(s) for the prompt. That in-text citation may be in the form of a direct quote or a paraphrase; however, a paraphrase demonstrates analysis and synthesis and, therefore, is the stronger option. In writing you’re in text citation, you must format it with a signal phrase and end it with a parenthetical note: Lena Sorensen clearly identifies the importance of the young man’s proposal by placing the scene at the climax of the story (985).

2. End your post with a properly formatted Works Cited entry for these pieces. Do not count the Works Cited in the required word count.

3. You must also use the Academic Moves templates and verbs, boldfacing them in your post. You can revise the wording of the templates to suit your written work, but the “moves” themselves must be apparent. I provided handouts for the Academic Moves templates and verbs and for the proper formatting of a Works Cited entry from our text in an earlier module.

No Plagiarism. MLA format Double space


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