Social networking craze, brands are expanding digital campaigns to include Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

part one( the biggest one):
Answer the following questions and submit your responses to the accompanying SafeAssignment link:

1. Since 1970, Mother Earth News has been the magazine of choice for environmental-minded consumers. The bimonthly lifestyle rag, which boasts national circulation of 470,000 readers, covers topics ranging from organic gardening and natural foods to green homemaking. Mother Earth News is not suitable for all advertisers, however; the magazine’s diehard environmentalist readers loudly protest companies that don’t meet high standards of sustainability. List pros and cons of placing ads in Mother Earth News, and identify two brands that should advertise in the magazine and two that should not. Explain why the two brands fit and why the other two brands do not.

2. When skiing and skateboarding enthusiasts want the best deals on used and closeout model sports gear, they look to Evo. In addition to operating a flagship store in Seattle, Evo sells merchandise and promotes its brand internationally through two e-commerce sites, Evogear. com and Research Evo online and explain how the company uses Websites to integrate its business with active skiing and skateboarding communities around the world.

part two:2 small questions
question one:
Now that everyone and their grandmothers are plugged into the social networking craze, brands are expanding digital campaigns to include Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Examine the digital campaigns of Old Spice, Aeropostale, Zappos, and Starbucks and give your view on which campaign does the best job of establishing sustained interaction with customers. Or, if you have an example that you think is better than the digital campaigns I have mentioned, use that example. What features do the campaigns use to hold consumers’ interest? Propose an idea for how one of these brands might use social networking tools to develop long-lasting brand communities.
question two:

Explain a potential nonstorage space need that might impact warehousing design. Give an example.


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