significant individual or event in the history of the Middle East

Write a research paper on a significant individual or event in the history of the Middle East. The research paper will be a minimum of 13 pages in length. The paper is to be typed and follow university guidelines for citations – PLAGIARISM WILL RESULT IN A GRADE OF ZERO ON THE PAPER. These papers will be graded on both content and language usage – see the attached grading rubric. Any paper in which, “their, there and they’re”, “due and do”, “too, two and to”, or “accept and except” are used incorrectly will receive an automatic grade of “F”. Please proof read your work in addition to letting the Spellchecker make corrections.

This is a research paper and requires that there be at least “Five Sources Used With No More Than Three Coming From The Internet”. Wikipedia will not be accepted as a source, however, it may be used to find works relating to your topic. The paper is to be written using 12 point Times New Roman font, standard default formatting and double-spaced.
These papers are to be more than just a recitation of facts. In addition to the factual material each should also contain critical analyses of the subject matter in relation to what is occurring in the world today, etc. and should include your opinion. In other words be a literary/historical critic.

Suggested topics would include, “Suleiman the Magnificent”, “Gamel Abdul Nasser”, “Saddam Hussein”

This paper will be graded using the “Writing Grading Rubric” attached.


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