Should secondary schools continue to fund the arts such as art and music?

Should secondary schools continue to fund the arts such as art and music?

Project description
For this assignment you will write a 1,250 word classical argument persuasive essay. The essay will engage a contemporary and contentious issue following the same subject criteria we have worked with throughout this semester. The essay will be closed form and centered on a clear, original, and arguable thesis. To support your thesis you will draw on secondary research and utilize all three rhetorical appealsethos, pathos, and logos.
Rhetorical Context
You are writing this essay with the intended audience of well-educated members of the university community. As such, you should utilize formal language and keep the essay as professional as possible. Your purpose is to change your readers minds or opinions on a contentious issue or propose a solution to a long standing problem. This essay should fall into the genre of a classical argument and have all the necessary components of such an essay, including: an introduction, thesis, forecasting, supporting reasons utilizing secondary research, summary and response to opposing views, and a conclusion
The following criteria must be met in order to receive full credit for your work. Failure to comply with any of these requirements will penalize your grade:
1,250-1,750 words
MLA Format with 12 pt Times New Roman font
Engage an appropriate, contemporary, and arguable issue
Present a clear and original thesis
Effectively utilize six or more secondary sources to support your argument. At least four of these must be peer reviewed and come from a licensed or library database
Sufficiently address counterarguments and respond to one or more secondary sources that oppose your view
The only primary research you may conduct for the Classical Argument essay is expert interviews and these do not count towards your six source minimum
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