Writing you Sexual health Essay




Learning Outcomes:


  1. Demonstrate depth and breadth of knowledge as applied to sexual health from an international perspective
  2. Critically analyse current issues in sexual health in relation to health promotion and public health
  3. Explore and critically analyse the impact of culture on sexual health
  4. Analyse legal and ethical frameworks and discuss their impact on sexual health





  1. Introduce the sexual issue and provide a rationale for the choice. State the aim of the essay and state the issues to be explored.

You need to introduce what you are going to do. Set the scene for the reader.




  1. Critically analyse the identified sexual health issue in relation to public health and health promotion.

Here you need to apply your chosen topic to Public Health. Why is it a PH issue? Give your issue some context, so include epidemiological data, incl prevalence, health and social outcomes, who is most at risk and why? You are giving an overview of the topic.



  1. Incorporate into the discussion an exploration of the impact of cultural beliefs and practises on sexual health.

Consider how cultural beliefs and practices impact on this issue. For example- FGC/FGM- how does culture play a role in this practice?



  1. Consider the legal, ethical, clinical and political implications of this sexual health issue from an international perspective.

Consider the legal ethical clinical and political implications. For example, What legislation has been developed to support or inhibit the issue? ie LGBT rights, or safeguarding and confidentiality in teenage pregnancy



  1. Critically analyse any National or International interventions or strategies that have been, will be or, from your own perspective, should be implemented to address this international sexual health issue

So consider what has been done- what Policies and Interventions have been developed? For example, Development of MDGs in Maternal Mortality, what are the successes, what are the failures?




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