service in the literature

My service in the literature:
300-500 words and at least 3 sources (2 must be articles from scholarly journals)

For this assignment, you will seek out at least two articles from scholarly journals related to your area of service. This will require searching the resources available through the BHCC library. (It also will require that you have activated your student ID card at the library.)

Apply what you have learned about research methods to your area of service, with attention to the importance of considering worldview and unconscious assumptions. Who is doing the research in this area? What kinds of questions are being asked? What conclusions are being drawn? Do they conflict? Do you think that different questions should be asked or that there may be a better way to design the research? Integrate the information that you found with your experience and write about it in this section.

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For example:

Over fifty million civilians in this country have a disability (Brault, 2012). Approximately 17% of the country’s 21.2 million veterans had a service-connected disability rating in 2012 (National Center for Veterans Analysis and Statistics, 2013). According to the National Service Inclusion Project nearly one-third of all families in the US are impacted by disability ( Disability is a broad term that encompasses different meanings. The notion of disability is embedded in the context in which it is used and the lens through which it is viewed. The medical model is a deficit model that measures against a psychological and biological norm. Viewed through a social model lens, disability itself is not the issue; it is the subsequent lack of opportunity that is problematic. The social relational model of disability focuses on the interaction between the impairment and environmental and social barriers (Martin, 2013). Adaptive sports address disability through social and social relational lenses.
Interest in adaptive sports for rehabilitation, and even as a treatment modality in its own right, has piqued, especially as more and more veterans return from combat with debilitating psychological and physical wounds (Caddick & Smith, 2014; Lundberg, Bennett, & Smith, 2011; Rogers, Mallinson, & Peppers, 2014). Research indicates that participation in adaptive sports positively impacts participants’ self-esteem, self-concept and self-efficacy (Lundberg, Taniguchi, McCormick, & Tibbs, 2011). Participants perceptions of their quality of life increase as a result of participating in sports (Arslan, 2013; Lundberg, Bennett, & Smith, 2011; Yazicioglu, Yavuz, Goktepe, & Tan, 2012). Surfing is one of many sports that has been adapted so that individuals with challenges can participate.


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Yazicioglu, K., Yavuz, F., Goktepe, A. S., & Tan, A. K. (2012). Influence of adapted sports on quality of life and life satisfaction in sport participants and non-sport participants with physical disabilities. Disability and health journal, 5(4), 249-253.

THIS IS WHAT I ROAD FOR MY Digication e portfolio: Page 1 Home/about me…

My name is Sadiyo Ali and I am a student at BHCC. My service is with Somali Development Center, a non-profit organization SDC was founded in 1996 by a group of Somali Americans, who had initially came to the Boston area to pursue higher education. As Somali refugees began fleeing the Civil War and arriving in Boston, these dedicated people came together to form the Somali Development Center. The organization started out working solely on housing matters, but soon expanded to cover other critically needed services, and serve other African communities. SDC was the first African social services organization in Boston. What we do at SDC is that we help elderly ladies with learnig english 3 times a week. they come in and learn the language for 3 ours, mainly we teach them basic english, for example the vocabulary . In all the classes we allow them to use their native language in groups to help each other understand better. And this really This makes it possible for the student to use and understand what is being taught in English, which in turn allows them to understand and interact with native speakers. We also do alot more writing and help transilate any papers they got from anywhere into “Somali” . What motivates me to help them is that I can relate to them so much, coming to America and learning new culture and new language is not easy at all. I really injoy and I’m so happy that I got the opportunity to work with this service, i honestly don’t think i will stop working with these wonderfull people anytime soon. if anything i want this service to continiue on and get bigger because for a fact i know that there’s always someone out there that needs our help.


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