Select any company or organization you may wish to analyze

Select any company or organization you may wish to analyze

Try to apply at least one theory introduced after November, such as platform, small world phenomena, growth of network, etc.

Try to explain the actual phenomena in the selected company or organization by applying the theory or theories

Prepare short essay at least more than 275 words

here is the full list of what we have studied since November:

Open innovation and platform theory:

Procure technology from partner companies and/or form a business platform.

Workshop: Discussion of any platform you belong to, such as club activities, part-time jobs, etc.
Social network:

Anyone can connect to anyone via six degrees of separation. Differences in information flow between strong-tie relationships and weak-tie relationships.

Workshop: Facebook mechanism, Silicon Valley。
Intellectual Property rights:

Conceptual explanation of intellectual properties.

Along with products sold worldwide, the world benefits from technology diffusion; besides, technology leakage is a significant issue.

Workshop: Blue LED by Shuji Nakamura (inventor), a nobel prize winner.
Group discussion (2):

Service design/experience value: recent trends in innovation theories with emphasis on designing the social value and experience value of the users.

Theme: Do you wish to use a wearable device?
Pros and cons of Japanese style management:

Managers at the middle management level are the key for decision making.

Workshop: Recent issues of a corporate governance case: Kanebo and Olympus.


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