Select a product or service of your choice

The Assignment


The coursework counts for 30% of the total grade for the module. The coursework will consist of 1 group assignment. Students will form groups of 4-5 members. You will submit your assignment as a group. Groups will self-select by ‘speed dating’ during lecture 1 and I will require you to submit a working group list of names during the tutorials before the end of Week 4. In the event that you have not nominated your own group, I may have to assign you to a group during this lecture.


The Task

Select a product or service of your choice. Once your product/service is agreed as a group, research its current international performance. Critique constructively how and in which ways you would improve the presence and performance of your chosen product/service in one of the following economic regions: (1) Europe; (2) North America; (3) South America; (4) Russia and Northern Eurasia; (5) the Indian Subcontinent; or (6) China.


Prepare a report on your assessment and why you selected the region that details the following:


  1. The key economic indicators for your chosen area (clearly justify the geographic/regional boundary parameters). This part of the assignment will culminate in a detailed overview of the key economic considerations for a company intending to market to that area.
  2. The key elements of culture that a company intending to export to that country would need to consider. Additionally, provide a set of recommendations to the company on how it might culture-sensitize its staff in preparation for dealing with the selected market.
  3. Describe the key stages of a product launch/re-launch for the company’s product/service range. Outline the key factors to be taken into consideration prior to the launch.p(11)

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The word limit is 3000 words maximum.


Managing cost overruns in projects through managing rework and change management



Prepare a well-researched paper on the issue of managing cost overruns in projects through managing rework and change management.

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