Run and interpret

in the attachment 2 files. one has my survey itself and the other one has multi tables, choose one table and do The following: ” Instructions Step 1: After clicking on the tab variable view, create your variables, variable labels, and corresponding codes. Once you are happy with the variables you’ve created, you can start typing in data by clicking on the data view tab. From the in-class surveys, enter the data into SPSS (you can enter data into excel and then transfer into SPSS if you’re comfortable doing so). Detailed instructions on how to enter data in SPSS can be found in the attachment. Be sure to label the surveys by number so that, if need be, you can go back and ensure that you entered the data in correctly. Remember, YOU WILL NEED AN N OF 30 (or 50 if you’ve done the extra credit). Also, don’t forget to save your data and keep them in a safe place for steps 2 and 3 (forthcoming). DO NOT ATTACH YOUR DATA HERE. JUST KEEP IT for steps 2 and 3. If you need to recode your variables, this is a great (and short) tutorial. Step 2: Run at least one cross-tabulation and provide at least one graphic depiction of your sample characteristics. Don’t forget to interpret. Do NOT use SPSS output. Make your own tables. Step 3: Run and interpret the measure(s) of association and talk about your hypothesis…whether you found evidence, why you might not have, what you would have done differently, etc. Tips: look at the posted example. Do not use SPSS output. you will lose points. The due date is officially the 3rd but you technically have until the 8th to turn it in. The longer you wait, the less likely you will get commentary…” Step 1 and 2 are done by me, but we still need tables.


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