Review of each article

CAN YOU PLEASE SEPARATE EACH ARTICLE REVIEW BY ITS ARTICLE (1 and a half pages each article). I have provided each article to be used.
Article Report and Discussion Guidelines
You will read four (4) assigned articles on public policy issues of international concern, write and submit a brief report on each article, and discuss each article in class. The assigned readings are posted on Blackboard for your convenience.
For each assigned reading, you will write and submit in hard copy a typed, 11⁄2‐2 paged, double‐spaced report that briefly summarizes the reading, describes what you learned from the reading, and expresses your thoughts and opinions about the issues raised in the reading. Organize your report by using the following headings: (1) Summary; (2) Description of Learning; and (3) Thoughts and Opinions.
Each written report contributes 20 points of the 25 possible points.
Each article will be analyzed in class through small group discussion. Small groups will analyze and prepare a report to the class on an assigned topic. Small groups will present their findings to the class.
Participation in discussion of the article contributes 5 of the 25 possible points.
Overall, the combined four (4) written article reports and in‐class discussions contribute 100 possible points to your overall grade. Completion of all four (4) article r


ports and discussions constitute 20% to your final grade.


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