Review empirically supported processes/mechanisms of change

Review Paper: Students are to write a paper where they review empirically supported
processes and mechanisms of change in psychotherapy.

purpose of essay: To provide critical skills in reviewing empirical research regarding
processes of change.

word count: 2500 words 

marking criteria:

*Excellent introduction to the topic of
psychotherapy change
*Excellent identification of the significance
of the psychotherapy topic
*Excellent positioning of psychotherapy
process research within the broader
context of psychotherapy outcome
*Excellent definitions or explanations of
key terms
*Succinct review of the topic area that
focuses on the most important development
*Demonstrates excellent analysis &/
or evaluation of the extant literature on
psychotherapy process
* Critical thinking,
analysis & synthesis – Demonstrate a comprehensive
understanding of mechanisms of change
*Excellently structured argument/ position
*A comprehensive conclusion, including a
brief summary of main ideas, significance of
area, role of future research
*Comprehensive evidence-base used
*Excellent exploration of recent as well as
previous research
*Excellent use of references when
reviewing relevant literature, so that
research is not simply listed, but is part of
an overall story
*Excellent use of paragraphs
*Headings provided
*Fluent writing style without grammatical
or spelling errors
*APA citation adherence
*APA referencing adherence


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