Rethinking the path of Medicine

Rethinking the path of Medicine

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(1) RETHINKING YOUR MAJOR CAREER PATH. Whether you have chosen a profession that will lead you into science/research; medicine; business/economics; politics/advocacy; education/religious life, your paper must deal with the following questions appropriately.

THESIS QUESTION & OVERVIEW: The paper will need to ADDRESS the following question: How might your profession or career choice “reinvent itself” for an Ecozoic Era and what is the role of Story (shared dream experience) in that reinvention? Offer a brief overview of the entire paper.

What is happening to the earth?
How does your profession contribute to what is happening?

BEGINwith a discussion of how the Lakota Sun Dance exemplifies the importance of embracing and celebrating the modern revelation as the new visionary or shared dream experience.
Explain the modern revelation. Draw from the book The Universe Story, with emphasis on “the Earth Story,” “the Human Story,” “Cosmogenetic Principle,” Macro/Micro Phases, Distinction & Unification, Psychic-Spiritual Dimension, Ecological Imperative, Universe as only text without a context, Cosmology of Religions, and Earth as primary sacred reality and TEACHER
Explain how the modern revelation VALIDATES what the Lakota Sun Dance has long celebrated about human-earth relations? You may need to draw from “The Viable Human”, “Reinventing the Human”, and “Ethics & Ecology” to help you here.
Explain how your profession is out of alignment with this modern revelation (Consider the Lakota Red Road/Black Road and input from “The Viable Human”, “Moments of Grace”, etc and other relevant ESSAYS, i.e., “The UNIVERSITY”, “The Corporation Story [business majors], etc. )

Our Way Into the Future—a general section on becoming a more viable species. Include what we can learn from the fourfold wisdom, and the role of story or shared dream experience, with particular emphasis on the Lakota Sun Dance as assisting us in learning the importance of thinking (dwelling upon) and dwelling within the ecological conditions of the human-earth relation.
How might your profession reinvent itself for the Ecozoic Era? (Again, consider “Viable Human”, “Moments of Grace” “Reinhabiting the Earth, “Reinventing the Human”, “Ecozoic Era”, “Cosmology of Religions” and other relevant essays (i.e, if you are a business major, you’ll want to refer to “Extractive Economy” and “The Corporation Story” to name a few.) I’m looking for more profound, vision-related answers than just a list of things like “reduce, reuse, and recycle” or better technology. I’m talking about completely rethinking the profession itself and how that might look! Once that happens, even the way in which we reduce, reuse and recycle will be revised.)


This paper will be in YOUR own words, with an argument supported by insights you have read. I will not be permitting quotations from sources. You can paraphrase them and reference a source in footnotes in ASA style, but I want to hear it in your words.

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