Research Questionaire+Vomit Draft

The vomit draft is 300-600 words.This represents your very first attempt at putting together your information and thinking on your topic. This draft has to be done! Please this draft has to be 2 pages 
1. What topic did you choose? I chose this topic � Whales or dolphins � you may focus on the Sea World controversy Type the complete topic exactly as I wrote it (5 pts.)

2. What is your narrowed and focused topic? (�Narrowed� means you have found a sub-category of the general topic. �Focused� means within the narrowed topic you have pinpointed a specific subject for your paper. See Craft of Research, p. 122, 8.2.1. (10 pts.)

3. What is your working claim? (Your working claim should begin with a qualifying claim � use �although� or �even though� � and after the central assertion, it should conclude with a reason clause � use because. See Craft of Research, p. 123-4. In particular note the rationale for a very full working claim: ��we don�t suggest that your final draft should offer a claim as bloated as these. But the richer your working claim, the more complex your argument is likely to be.� (10 points)

4. What makes your claim significant? �Significant� means the claim is central and important to your overall topic. Moreover, a significant claim may surprise the reader, causing them to change their opinions or actions. See Craft of Research, p. 124-6 . (10 points)

5. Write a 250 word brief of your research paper, including your (a) justification for your choice of topic; (b) list of five sources you�ve identified or contacted; (c) preliminary list of key 
points; (c) possible research challenges 
Please this part of the research paper has to be 1page long and answer the questions above.


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