Research Essay

Assessment Criteria

This task aims to assess your skill and critical analytical ability to examine issues involved in the topic with adequate support and acknowledgement. Marks will be awarded based on the following assessment criteria:
• A well structured response based on issues raised in the topic
• Originality of the work devoid of plagiarism
• Accurate identification and analysis of issues through the use of primary and secondary sources
• Appropriate application of relevant laws and international standards to the context
• Critical evaluation and efficient use of information
• Concise and logical approach to address relevant aspects
• Clear demonstration of knowledge and correct written expression
• The degree of persuasion/depth of research evidenced from your argument
• Proper referencing and acknowledgement of sources

Length: 4000 words (excluding footnotes, but footnotes must not include any substantive content. The actual word length of a paper must be stated on the cover sheet).

Assignment must be typed, double spaced and referenced and should conform to the Australian Guide to Legal Citation



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