Requirements and Guidelines:

book review

Requirements and Guidelines:
As explained in the syllabus, the Book Reviews are to develop/refine critical thinking, analytic and writing skills. In these reviews, you are expected to demonstrate a clear understanding of the issues raised in the readings up to this week. Please read “The General Book/Article review and Discussion Guidelines” in the Course Syllabus for general guidelines.
Specifically and in terms of content, the guidelines below should help you to review The Souls of Black Folk in the context of this class:
For the most part, The Souls of Black Folk concentrates on the African American experience in the Americas. In his analysis of the solutions to the problems and issues facing African Americans (the System of Slavery in the USA; the Reconstruction period; and the struggles for total Freedom and Rights) at the “dawning” of the Twentieth Century, Du Bois argues that ancient African values, history, identity and heritage of the African Americans have to be built in these solutions. These themes should be the focus of your analysis. To do this you need to understand (give specific examples and quotes from the readings) how the system of slavery had shaped the race relations in USA; the experience of Black America after emancipation in 1865.
Specific examples and quotes from the textbooks and other resources used in class should be used in your review of this book.

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