Report -Marketing of service products (Travel plans and market segmentation) (REPORT )

Report -Marketing of service products (Travel plans and market segmentation) (REPORT )


Please read the Task and the Criteria carefully. Files attached. Thanks, Assessment task – Travel plans based on market segmentation, Details You are a travel agent with two new sets of clients. The first client couple is Couple A, who are newly married and are planning to spend one week of their honeymoon in Paris, France. They arrive at 10am on Thursday 29th August with departure at 2pm on Thursday 5th September 2013. Couple B are the wife’s parents who are also interested in going to Paris at the same time for the same duration. The couples will be independent of each other while in Paris. That means that they will meet up occasionally for meals and perhaps take some excursions together if it meets their needs and wants. Couple A seeks romance and indulgence but on a budget and want to spend a lot of time together enjoying each other’s company while still getting to see the sights and enjoy the tastes of Paris. They are aged between 20 and 30 years of age and fit within the Young Optimism VALS segment (see: segments/young-optimism.cfm). Couple B is more focused on a luxury holiday and seek to explore the history and culture of Paris. They are between 50 and 60 years of age and fit within the Visible Achievement VALS segment (see: achievement.cfm). While Couple A are both fit and healthy, Couple B have difficulty with walking long distances and trouble climbing stairs. Hence you have two separate target markets represented by Couples A and B. Your task is to examine the wants and needs of the two target markets and then plan a one week stay in Paris for each couple with a fully detailed daily itinerary, including all prices, for their stay. The overall price must include as a minimum all organized excursions and accommodation in Paris. You can assume that flights to and from Paris have already been organized so you are only concerned with the ground component. Meals, unless as part of an excursion/special package, are at the travelers expense. You are to justify the choice of each excursion for each couple and the accommodation based on at least one of the 7Ps that you consider most relevant. You need to find at least six relevant journal articles that back up your choices. Go to the library database at: and type in a key word in ???Discover It!’ When the results are showing, you should limit your search to ???Full Text (Online)’ and ???Scholarly (Peer reviewed Journals)’ as well as those ???Available in Library Collection’ and ???Publication Date’ between 2003 and 2013. If you require more information to make your decisions, please go to Moodle and find out when the weekly chat/Collaborate sessions are on. These sessions are on Wednesday ????? evenings from 8 to 9pm so that students can interact with the Course Coordinator and other students. Please join these sessions so that you can see how you are progressing and for clues and answers to any questions that you have. All students whether on campus or studying by distance are most welcome to attend. Example of a Daily Itinerary but references would need to be added for each activity CONTINUED .


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