Report format

Report format!!

((Please provide snapshot of all information paraphrased or used )) ***************Latest version of Harvard style****************************

You can use more or less references if you need

1)Content page

2)Executive summary

3) Introduction and background of Auckland zoo

4) Methodology Findings Secondary research( research that exist already,phenomenal logical information ) ((Journals, Books, Newspaper))

5)Primary research NETNOGRAPHY ( blogs, Twitter, trip advisor, Facebook , (( Quotations which include criticism and good points )) DO not be biases mention their names if it is available

6) Analysis Qualitative data Marketing mix 7ps,SWOT analysis, SMART analysis *Limitations no zoo is world class Segmentation Ackland zoo ((target segments Who? Explorar familes, Kids .. live life to the full))

7)Sampling method process of collected data eg judgemental data(which is obtained from netnography) Appendix: statistics graphs data etc


8)((What can you advice and relate to Chester zoo)) ONLY in last part

DO not mention it in the report in any part


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