Reparable Harm

Reparable Harm
Reaction Paper requirements
You will be responsible for 1 reaction paper. This reaction paper should be a 1000 words(4 pages narrative) plus title page, abstract, body, conclusion, references… APA format
This reaction paper should be no more than 500 words in the body and abstract 150-250 words.
Use the following link as your resource:
Include questions, concerns, and/or critiques of the ideas and concepts within the book and
your readings. You should interact in writing with the ideas presented in the readings. What
Ideas/concepts were new to you? What questions or concerns does the chapter raise for you as a professional? Do you agree/disagree with the author? Why or why not?
This is a reaction paper.
You do not summarize the chapter, but react to it.

Reaction paper Rubric
? Address main points in reading
? Evidence of questions, concerns and critique of the ideas and concepts presented in the readings
? Evidence of reflection and insight
? Depth and complexity of ideas supported by pertinent details
? Ideas are well organized


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