Release of Information

Release of Information
Health Care and Life Sciences

You are in charge of release of information processing for your facility, for the following 10 situations you will explain how you would handle the release of health information.
1.Dr. Brown’s wife, Mary, (MR # 141235) is an inpatient and is being treated by another physician. Dr. Brown asks to see his wife’s previous health record.
2.Jane is 17 years old, married, and the mother is Jenny (MR # 141260). Jane is requesting copies of her baby’s records.
3.You have a telephone call from a man who states that he is Dr. Jones. He also states that he is now examining Clara P. (MR # 141730) in his office. Please find her record and tell him the nature of her last surgery that was performed at your medical center last year. Clara can’t remember.
4.Joy T. (MR # 148230) rushes in and states that she is moving to California. She is on her way now. She insists that her health records belong to her and she wants them now to take with her.
5.An insurance agent comes in and asks for Aaron K’s (MR# 191230) health records but has no signed authorization signed by the patient. You refuse his request. He leaves and returns shortly. He state that he found an authorization signed by Aaron in his car.
6.You receive a request in the mail for the records of Joe Green. You find no records for a patient of that name.
7.The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is investigating an outbreak of a rare cancer. They would like to review the records of any patients with that diagnosis.
8.Jack K. (MR # 154120) comes to your office and would like to have copies of his records for his personal files. You are very busy at the moment.
9.Mary C. (MR # 141541) calls and requests that copies of her records be sent to Good Health Clinic in a neighboring city. Her appointment there is at 8:00 AM tomorrow morning.
10.Mary, the daughter of Mabel K. (MR # 166541), calls and states that her mother always lets her take care of everything for her. Mary would like copies of her mother’s health records.

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