Reflective Report

Reflective Report: Reflection on Learning and Readiness of working in professional Accounting and Finance jobs


You will produce a report for the module detailing the way in which you have reflected on your learning in that module and what steps you have taken or are planning to take to improve some area of your performance. You are also expected to reflect on what you have learnt in the module could get you ready to go into professional accounting and finance jobs.





We don’t expect you to address all of the learning outcomes in your report(s). Be selective and pick one or perhaps two which you have identified as being a particular issue for you.


Your work should be presented in a simple report format

You may include appendices as evidence (eg learning logs), which will not be part of the words

Your work must be grammatical and properly proof read

You might use the following questions to guide you:

  • What happened?
  • Did it go well, or badly?
  • How did I feel about it?
  • What did I learn from this?
  • What would I like to happen in future?
  • What steps should I take to make sure it will be better in future?
  • Who or what might help me to do better in future?
  • What is my time scale for improvement?



Following whatever action you take your reflection will continue with:

  • How successful has my intervention been?
  • Do I need to take further action?










Marking Criteria


10% Introduction

Identification of specific issue(s) or experience(s) issues you are reflecting on and why it is important to you. Background to what happened. What part did your learning style play if any?


50% Reflection

Identification of learning cycle used and reference to relevant learning logs (which you can include as an appendix) and academic literature. Description of the circumstances that surrounded the event.

Reflection on why the issue occurred, how you felt, and how you contributed to it. Reflection on the learnings contributing to the readiness of working in professional accounting and finance jobs.


20% Conclusion and recommendations

What you have done so far in relation to this and how effective you have been, and/or what you plan to do in future to ensure a better outcome.


20% Presentation

Clear structure

Written in grammatical UK English

Properly proof read

No jargon


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