Reflective diary – emplyement experince


Coursework 1

Reflective Diary (50%)


Complete a reflective diary, illustrating the process through which you have developed your employability skills. You must also include appropriate evidence to demonstrate your development and your engagement in the graduate recruitment processes. Your diary must contain sufficient entries (weekly entries recommended) to enable your development to be assessed.


Deadline:  Monday, 4 January 2016 (reflective diary entries and supplementary evidence).



  1. You are not restricted to activities within the module to evidence the development of your employability skills; drawing on a variety of experiences can show more rounded skills development. So in addition to reflecting on tutorial activities, you can draw on your experiences from:
    • other modules being studied
    • current or recent full/part-time employment
    • voluntary or charity work
    • sporting activities or hobbies
    • extra curricula activities (such as being a course rep, SVR, member of clubs or societies, guest lectures)


  1. When appropriate, you should provide additional evidence to support your reflective entries. For example, you could include activity sheets completed in tutorials – such as a SWOT of your employability skills and an action plan for their development; a copy of an old and a revised CV; a copy of your online application form identifying areas for improvement; observer sheets from mock assessment centre activities, etc.


  1. You are advised to use the STAR framework to help structure your entries:
    • Situation – brief information to give context to your entry.
    • Task – activity, who was involved, key stakeholders.
    • Action – what did you do, your involvement and contribution.
    • Reflection – what worked/didn’t work? Why/why not? What will you differently next time? Future plans for change/improvements?


  1. The diary should develop skills of reflective practice, which is often a key requirement for professional accreditation in many disciplines. While it may be necessary to give a short ‘descriptive account’ to set the scene (Situation and Task)– the important elements are your reflections on your performance and experiences, demonstrating your understanding of what and why things did or did not work well, and how you would modify or change your behaviour, approach, etc in the future (Action and Reflection).


  1. The word count should be around 3,000 words. Remember you will be marked on the quality and not quantity of your entries.





Your work will be assessed using the following criterion:



1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:
the importance of employability skills.
employers’ expectations of graduate skills – with particular reference to the industry sector in which you intend to work.
the job application process (from CVs and application stage to assessments centres and interviews).
2. Critical and reflective writing skills:
The diary contains sufficient entries to enable your development to be assessed.
Entries are reflective and not just descriptive accounts of your experiences/activities.
The appropriateness and quality of supplementary evidence to support your entries.

(Diary entries and evidence are clear and inter-related, not just reproduced information.)

Show appropriate use of theory in practice. (Examples of how key employability issues are considered and applied in a work setting.)
Information is logical, well structured and presented in an appropriate format.


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