Recognizing and being able to treat Delirium on a Cardiac Unit

Recognizing and being able to treat Delirium on a Cardiac Unit

The purpose of this assignment is for you to develop a project that advances the knowledge base of clients and/or staff, or the clinical practice base of those working ion the cardiac unit. This assignment consists of two parts 1) the actual presentation of information to the target audience and 2) a summary scholarly paper addressing all aspects of the project. This project is to be germane to the clinical setting and based on current scholarly evidence.

The knowledge advancement project has four critical components: a knowledge needs assessment; a plan based on the needs assessment findings; implementation of the plan; and an evaluation of the plan’s effectiveness.

Begin by brainstorming about needs for increased knowledge in your clinical practice area, including clients and/or staff or the clinical practice base of those working in the area. (RECOGNIZING DELIRIUM IN OUR CARDIAC PATIENTS)
Conduct a formal needs assessment on your chosen knowledge deficit topic. This needs assessment can take the form of a literature review, a survey of the key players (clients, staff, and/or professional specialty association), or a review of current resources on the topic.

The outcome of the needs assessment must be clearly articulated and supported with your assessment research and scholarly references.

Plan a strategy to address the knowledge deficit for the target audience. Include your overall goals, specific learning objectives, content, and method of content delivery in your plan. Document your goals, objectives and content outline. Choose a delivery method that best fits the needs, goals, objectives and content you identified. Provide rationale for the chosen delivery method in your plan based on scholarly references.

Implement your plan. Deliver your content to the target audience. This includes setting the date, time, and place for your implementation, as well as preparing all of the resources you will need to deliver the content.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your plan implementation. Choose an evaluation strategy that matches your chosen implementation method. Support your choice of evaluation strategy with scholarly references.


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