Reason, emotion and decision-making: risk and reward computat


Term Paper/Presentation (30%)


Purpose: Development of Research Interest
Level: High
Component: Raising Issues, Searching/Collecting data (articles), Logical Construction, Critical Analysis, Creative Solutions, Oral/Written Communication
Main Focus: Ethics, Decision Making, and Leadership Effectiveness
Students will research and present information about rational or irrational decisions made by ordinary people or by leaders. The focus of the presentation is on the relation between leadership effectiveness and decision-making principles. The presentation should utilize basic principles of leadership and decision-making and address the issues discussed in the class.
Group Paper and/or Group Presentation is possible.

Term Paper

Choose one topic from the list of five topics and write an essay based on the listed readings (see the schedule)

Emotion and Decision-Making – How does Emotion affect decisions? I will attach the paper I choose.


General Instruction

  1. The object of this assignment (presentation/paper) is to analyze the elements of moral leadership in connection with principles of decision theory. Explanation, Analysis, and Evaluation of decision-making components of moral leadership is essential in this research project.
  2. The paper must include at least 5 primary sources (including the listed readings) and the student should cite these sources on the reference list.
    c. The paper is intended to be a research paper developed mainly from primary sources (books, journal articles, etc.). The internet is not necessarily a primary source.
    Due Date: 12/1/2015, Length: Maximum 15 pages. (Submission to the assignments site of blackboard)
    Evaluation: Development of Research Interest, Understanding of Theories and Issues, Clear Explanation, Critical Analysis and Evaluation of Theories, Good writing and presentation skills.


Recommended Steps

– Choose a topic.
– Find and read a general and easy introductory (review) article
– Find and read an exemplary or influential article on the topic
– Critically analyze a view or an interpretation while narrowing down the topic and focusing on a specific issue
– Develop a view (your criticism, your view/interpretation etc.)
– Search related articles to support your view

Evaluation Guideline
Introduction (20%)
What? – A brief explanation of questions/issues/topics discussed in the paper
How? – A brief explanation of how the questions/issues are discussed in the paper
Why? – A brief explanation of why those questions/issues are important
Presentation of Questions/Issues/Arguments (30%)
Hypotheses/Evidence: What are the hypothesis, evidence, background information, or things assumed as true?
Reasoning: How are the premises/evidence used to support proposed hypothesis?
Conclusion: What are main ideas/principles drawn from the hypothesis?
Example: Any example to be used to support the hypothesis?
Critical Analysis (20%)
Are the hypotheses true? Are they reasonably believable?
Is the evidence clear?
Is the reasoning logically acceptable?
Is the hypothesis strongly supported by evidence?
Are there any other conclusions drawn from the hypothesis?
Are there any extra hypotheses required to support the conclusion?
Summary and Conclusion (20%)
What is the main point of the paper?
How is the point drawn from the discussions?
Grammar, Spelling, and Style (APA, MLA) (10%)
Any misspelled words/phrases
Any grammatical errors
Any style inconsistencies
Logical/Natural Flow of Ideas

General Criteria:

– Good Organization: (introduction, main body, conclusion/summary)
– Presentation of Ideas: Good Understanding and Clear explanation (Presentation, Justification, and Explanation of Arguments)
– Solid Analysis: Critical Evaluation of Arguments and Philosophical Views, Presentation of – – — – Alternative Views, and Unbiased Approach.
– Grammar/Spelling: No major grammatical/spelling errors
– Style: logical organization of paragraphs, intelligible and easily accessible sentences, logical and/or natural flow of ideas.

A, A- (Very Good)
All the criteria are well satisfied.
B+, B, B- (Good)
One of the criteria is not sufficiently satisfied. C+, C, C- (Acceptable)
Two of the criteria are not sufficiently satisfied. D+, D, D- (Passing)
Three of the criteria are not sufficiently satisfied.


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