Reaction to Veiling readings

Veiling (and unveiling) continues to play a prominent role in European representations of Islamic society. By relying on the readings (attached), write an essay in which you present your own reading of the “issue.” This assigned paper is meant to stimulate thought. This is not a research paper but rather an attempt at interpretation and synthesis. Please emphasize clarity of thought and expression as well as effective support of arguments with available evidence.

These Readings are attached (with pages numbers):
Mostapha Sherif, “What is Hijab?” The Muslim World 78 (1987), 151-163
Leila Ahmed, Women and Gender in Islam: Historical Roots of a Modern Debate (New Haven
1992), chapter 8, “the Discourse of the veil.”
Lama Abu Odeh, “Post Colonial Feminism and the Veil: Thinking the Difference,” Feminist
Review 43(1993), 26-37.
Neil Macmaster and Toni Lewis, “Orientalism: from Unveiling to Hyperveiling,” Women and
Islam: Critical Concepts in Sociology (London, 2005), vol. 1, 147-161.
Michela Ardizzoni, “Unveiling the Veil: Gendered Discourses and the (In)visibility of the Female
Body in France,” Women’s Studies 33(2004), 629-649.


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