questions for your Mid-Term Exam.

Listed below are the five questions for your Mid-Term Exam. Since there are only five questions, please provide very thorough and detailed answers. You will be graded on the knowledge you demonstrate in your answers (content), as well as on grammar.


1) Briefly describe the major contributions by the people listed below to the development of the modern day media of mass communication.


  1. A) John Locke
  2. B) Johannes Gutenberg
  3. C) Tim Berners-Lee
  4. D) Matthew Brady
  5. E) Rupert Murdoch
  6. F) Steve Jobs
  7. G) Mark Zuckerberg
  8. H) Jimmy Wales
  9. I) Philo Farnsworth
  10. J) Benjamin Franklin
  11. K) Harold Lasswell
  12. L) Samuel Morse
  13. M) William Randolph Hearst
  14. N) Ted Turner
  15. O) Jawed Karim
  16. P) Guglielmo Marconi
  17. Q) Shawn Fanning
  18. R) Jack Dorsey
  19. S) Benjamin Day
  20. T) Reid Hoffman


2) Briefly explain how each of the four major mass media (Television, Radio, Newspaper, and Internet) were invented. Include in your answer the inventor (or inventors) of each medium, as well as who (or what) you feel was most responsible for bringing each medium to the masses. How did they go about accomplishing this?


3) What are the main economic challenges being faced today by each of the following media industries listed below? Also, list one suggestion for each industry that you feel would make it economically stronger moving forward.


  1. A) Newspaper Industry
  2. B) Radio Industry
  3. C) Television Industry
  4. D) Movie Industry
  5. E) Music Industry
  6. F) Book Industry
  7. G) Magazine Industry
  8. H) Internet


4) Provide a definition for each of the following terms, as well as a brief example of each:


  1. A) Mass Communicator
  2. B) Mass Message
  3. C) Mass Medium
  4. D) Mass Communication


5) What are three positive effects of social media (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) on society? Also, what are three negative effects of social media on society?

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