Project Plan-Rural mobile health service-Dental clinic

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You are required to use TWO companies (Acer Company and Kellogg’s Company). These are companies that are listed either on the New York Stock Exchange or the NASDAQ – two of America’s top bourses. You must extract quarterly data on Turnover (Revenue or Sales), Operating Profit (Profit before interest and tax) and Net Profit after Tax from the third quarter of 2009 to the second quarter of 2014. This should give you 20 data points.

(a) Perform a time series analysis to identify its components which are the Random, Cyclical, Seasonal and Trend (12 marks)
(b) Provide comments on the components of the time series and discuss the extent to which the results of the time series help to understand what significantly affect the sales, operating profit and net profit figures. You must relate to the company’s business operations (2.5 marks)
(c) Perform regression analysis and use it for forecast the Revenue, operating profit and net profit figures for the third quarter of 2014. (6 marks)
(d) Compare forecasted figures with the actual outturn for the third quarter of 2014. Provide an explanation to the size of the difference between the forecast and the actual figure. (2.5 marks)
(e) Referencing will be awarded 2 marks

The above should be done in report which should be in MS Word format (Times New Roman font size 12, single-spaced). All figures and tables should be clearly labelled and embedded within the body of the report as MS Excel objects. DO NOT SUBMIT SEPARATE EXCEL FILES.

You must include a comprehensive list of references for both your data sources as well as citations. You are highly recommended to use the Harvard academic referencing style.


Topic: Project Plan-Rural mobile health service-Dental clinic


Subject:Medicine and Health


Pages:9, Double spaced



Order Description. Also there are making rubric in the assignment details file please follow the each part of marking to get as much as you can, thanks

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What is meant by the term “Corporate Culture”? Can employees have fun at work while still being productive (Seattle Fish Market, for example)? If so, how? Does play and fun interfere with constructive employee efforts? Discuss how to incorporate “fun” into the strategic planning process.
Explain the value and critical nature of a SWOT analysis for any organization/department. In addition, explain how and when a SWOT analysis should be conducted. Prepare a SWOT analysis for the Ph.D. program at Indiana Tech: list in prioritized order (most important first), a minimum of ten elements for each component of SWOT; explain why the most important is in fact the most important. (Note: the most important threat must be listed as the Ultimate Threat (UT) with an explanation as to why it is the UT.) THE ULTIMATE THREAT WHAT COULD MAKE THE PROGRAM SHUT DOWN OR LOSE ALL STUDENTS. THE PHD PROGRAM IS INDIANA TECH. GLOBAL LEADERSHIP. I WILL PROVIDE LINK. THE PROGRAM IS A HYBRID ONLINE PROGRAM.

(600-word minimum, per answer, to each question–not including sources, and not including intext citations), and fully source document each answer (minimum of three different sources per answer–the course text* must be used as one source for every answer—list the respective sources after each answer). *Course Text: Ungson, G.R., & Wong, Y. (2008). Global strategic management. New York: M.E. Sharpe. (This textbook must be used as a source with citations for every exam answer, a minimum of two additional sources with citations are required for each exam answer as well.)


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