Project management steps and tools that should form the basis of any project regardless of its size

As discussed in class time, in this assignment you are going to choose an idea for a project after taking approval from your instructor. For example, one project idea could be based on community services, whether internal or external to JUC. You could also look at the JUC or the environment around you and find ways and opportunities for further improvements. You need to document your work with pictures or any other media.

Then, initiate the project using the below project management steps and tools that should form the basis of any project regardless of its size. Those techniques have been and will be discussed throughout the course:

1. Defining Project Objectives: Scope, Time & Cost
2. Work Breakdown Structure
3. Budgeting
4. Project Activity Scheduling
5. Deliverables

– Group assignment with 3-4 to students.
– Deadline: Week 12, Wednesday 18th of November 2015.
– Submit a report that includes all the above points.
– Format: font size (12), font type (times new roman), line spacing (double), title (name of project).
– Projects will be viewed and presented in MPH.


Item Mark
Defining Project Objectives 1
Work Breakdown Structure 3
Budgeting 1
Project Activity Scheduling 2
Deliverables 1
MPH Presentation 1
Creativity 1
Total 10 %

(We Choose our project it’s about a service shop application, the shop serve the customer in flowers ).

Application in the mobile provides buy flowers from anyboutique in the eastern region, so that the client can access to the application and choose anyboutique in this region, in addition to adding a balloon, gifts and chocolate and gift card
And we are doing our part to buy flowers from the specified boutique chosen by the client and the delivery the order within hours to customer


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