Project Management Plan PMP

Assessment Task: Project Plan

Examine the case study for Oxford Fire Station

and the accompanying background information on the building

The aims of the project were to provide :-

• An accredited education, training and employment centre for homeless and vulnerably housed people;
• A social enterprise café providing on the job and accredited training and experience; 
• A flexible arts auditorium for continuing professional development across art forms, and for rehearsal, training and performance use; 
• A specialist dance studio for rehearsal and training
• A flexible professional gallery to showcase new work; 
• A small commercial retail space for artists and makers to exhibit and sell work; 
• An affordable creative workspace for emerging professional artists, including those involved in digital technologies

As a consequence of all of the above prepare the following aspects of a PMP:

• Provide a review of the issues discussed at the outset of the project that would impact on the project scope in terms of:

 Final use of building
 Age & condition of the building
 Environmental considerations
 Position of the building
• Stakeholder analysis that includes an Interest/Influence matrix identifying those potentially for and against the project. Your analysis should also include an outline communication plan/matrix with brief justification for your choices
• Outline risk register [refer to the template]
• The study refers to an unexpected discovery of asbestos. Using the information supplied regarding the auditorium calculate:
 The cost of reducing the time schedule by two weeks
 The maximum amount of time that could be saved and the new cost
• Calculate and plot cash flows based on the budget information
• Map out a potential WBS the project management team would have drawn up that includes the elements they would need in place before they could proceed with the contract.
Critically evaluate the overall project management framework, including project management context, project life cycle, stakeholder management and project management processes – along with their interactions.
Marking Scheme 
Marks available Marks Awarded
Review of the issues discussed at the outset of the project that would impact on the project scope 20
Stakeholder analysis that includes an Interest/Influence matrix, plus outline communication plan/matrix with brief justification for choices 15
Outline risk register [refer to the template provided] 10
Project timings reduction costings 15
Budget and cash flow 15
WBS for pre-planning phase 10
Format, presentation & referencing 10
Total 100


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