project management

project management

develop a research question within the topic you have selected and adopt a specific point of view in regard to it. The terms of your point of view should be clearly stated at the outset (that is, in the ‘Introduction’ section of your essay) and kept constantly in mind so that all research is directed toward gathering relevant information. The essay should develop and substantiate your ideas and arguments in a logical and coherent manner before presenting a concise and supported conclusion. Where appropriate, assumptions and definitions should be clearly stated and explained.
The essay is to be between 3,500 – 4,000 words of body (i.e. excluding executive summary, table of contents, references, appendices, etc.). Care should be taken to follow the guidelines presented below, particularly with regard to report style and referencing. It is envisaged that a report will have at least 18 unique references from a variety of quality sources.

BUS5MMS – Management Assignment
Individual Management Assignment- Report
? Worth 40%
? 2500-3000 words, maximum 3300 words
o NOTE- Word count starts from INTRODUCTION to CONCLUSIONS
o NOTE- 3300 is your maximum word count
? Times New Roman 12 point font, double line spacing
? Harvard referencing- 15-20 references expected
o Use academic references-required 75% of academic and 25% of non-academic
? Due: Week 11- 5pm(City-Tuesday/Bundoora –Thursday)via Turnitin (After 5pm late
penalties will apply)
o We do not mark any emailed assignments
? Aim: Conduct a management analysis of The Body Shop
Marking criteria:
? Background, introduction and importance of company to the Australian and
international business landscape: (10%)
o Focus on worldwide Body Shop and funnel it down to Australian base
? Research, analysis and discussion of sustainability related strategies and issues: (40%)
*relate to sustainability practices of The Body Shop when you analyse each
o What are/is the relevant theory+ practice+ sustainability
? Role of organisational behaviour at the company (10%)
? Human resource management practices at the company (10%)
? Role of international business at the company (10%)
? Role of technology management at the company (10%)
? Analysis of entrepreneurship and innovation at the company (15%)
Look at history of The Body Shop- Look at who is the founder- motivation to start
up the business
Role of innovation
? Future strategies management should engage in (identify 3 major strategies
based on the previous analysis of the company) (25%)
Your recommendations and conclusions based on your analysis
? Professional Presentation and English expression (10%)

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