project management

project management

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2 questions (do not write a long introduction and conclusion and 1100 words for each questions. you must provide cases for the questions. however, the case can be the an existing projects or you can made it up. for example the construction of a building.)

Q1.What would you use Critical Path or Critical Chain methodology when organising an event? Evaluate and suggest appropriate decisions for different types of events (your choice of examples).

Structure: a. what is critical path method and critical chain method
b. the advantages and disadvantages
c.the applications for both methods in specific cases (2 cases)
-create the critical path network diagram and the critical chain diagram for the projects you chose and analyse it.

Q2. what is the project quality management and using an case to explain the project quality management implementation in this case .
I will offer you my lecture PPT and a very usefully article for this question.
a. explain what is quality management and the process of quality management. (two stages: planning for project quality and Quality Assurance) evaluate the techniques for Quality Assurance
b. link the theories with the case.

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