Professional Portfolio -Self-Directed Learning Modules

Assessment Task:1. Professional Portfolio -Self-Directed Learning Modules

A minimum of Eight (8) academic references, not more than 5 years old (text books, peer reviewed all evidence based articles) and one website are required for this assessment task – Total nine reference.

Answer the following:


Reflect on the video scenario (link below), observing the interactions between the two individuals. Then answer following three (3) questions:

1. Using your knowledge and skills from previous weeks, analyse the questions asked (verbally, para-verbally) and non-verbal behaviours used in order to assess the client’s level of risk as well as assist the client regain focus, take control of their emotions and ultimately calm down.

     a. From your observations of the situation, what did the nurse do well?

     b. From your analysis of the situation, what changes would you suggest for Carla’s risk management?


2. What approaches can you use within the assessment process to enhance collaboration and participation when clients are at risk?


3. Reflect on what you think may be the underlying cause for Carla’s behaviour.




Video link is in another file “Self Directed -Activity -Wk 4” (4min.17sec)

Video: “Therapeutic communication with the angry patient”

This video demonstrates the interaction between a nurse and a client (Carla) who is currently distressed.


Guide to complete the questions


No dot points. Questions are to be answered in full sentences or paragraphs

Preference is to use Australian Literature and or web sites

APA must be used

Be specific and answer the question given and do not add to it.

Must keep to word limit plus or minus 10%.


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