Producing a healthier Pastry: Evidence for eliminating trans-fatty acids

Part A (written): You work for a bakery goods company called Cake‘n’Bake who produce primarily pastries, pies and cake-based products for sale in Australian supermarkets. Your company has historically relied on the use of partially hydrogenated oils (a source of dietary trans-fatty acids) in product manufacturing. However, given the perceived health risks associated with this type of fat and recent changes to regulations in other countries (such as the USA) on the use of trans fats in product manufacturing, your company is now interested in reformulating its products by replacing partially hydrogenated oils with alternative cis-unsaturated fats. You have been asked by your employer to prepare a report summarising the strength of the evidence for the health risks of high trans-fatty acid intakes, particularly in relation to the development of coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease.
The title of your report should be: Producing a healthier pastry: evidence for eliminating trans-fatty acids
The following points need to be covered in your article:

1. Describe the different major types of dietary fatty acids and the key functions of triglycerides in the body.
2. Describe from a physiological perspective how a dietary intake high in trans-fatty acids might be deleterious to cardiovascular health. Since your employer has asked you to focus on the relationship between trans-fatty acid intakes and coronary heart disease/cardiovascular disease, you should include some evidence from published, peer-reviewed studies investigating this relationship. You should discuss the strengths and limitations of those studies included.
3. Briefly discuss current trans-fatty acid intakes of Australians based on results of the recent National Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey, and how these intakes compare to recommended guidelines proposed by the World Health Organization.
4. Based on your understanding of the likely health detriments of trans-fatty acids and knowledge of the current intakes of Australians, provide a very brief final summary (conclusion) highlighting to your employer whether or not there is strong evidence for health benefits to Australians through elimination of partially hydrogenated oils from their products.
Your report should have a logical flow, have a focus on readability and be written at the level for health professionals and include supporting evidence from AT LEAST SEVEN original published studies (research articles and review papers are both acceptable) which are cited in text and listed in a reference section at the end of the article. Do not cite references from internet sources (and that includes Wikipedia!) and non‐peer‐reviewed literature unless there is a strong reason to do so (such as websites from government departments or peak independent and reputable health bodies which contain original data or reports).
Referencing requirements- 7 or more peer reviewed or academic sources in Vancouver referencing system


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