Principles of Development

Paper details:Sexting: Typical teen behavior or public menace?
Here is an example of a recent news report on the phenomenon of “sexting” among teens. You can find many other reports — this is just an example.
CBS News (2009) “Sexting” shocklingly common among teens. Retrieved February 22, 2011, from
Base your response on some type of factual information. Remain rational and keep in mind the theoretical information on adolescent development you have read in the course so far. Do not offer a response based purely on opinion and emotion.
You may use Peer Reviewed and good quality Internet resources (not political or religious websites and not Wikipedia). Provide appropriate citation and referencing for any quoted or borrowed materials.
Suggested length: 3 pages typed and double-spaced.
Assignment Expectations
The following items in particular will be assessed:
1. Name and summarize what the major theories of psychological development say about adolescence and young adulthood and relate them to real-life experiences – in this case, “sexting”.
2. List and discuss various socio-cultural influences on the experience and behavior (as represented by “sexting”) of adolescents in 21st century societies and describe how they influence behavioral choices.
3. Application of modular readings when appropriate.


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