Prime Ministers and political leadership

Chapter 1 and 3


The Question is: List any changes in the role of Prime Minister Of Australia in the past 20 years and justify your answers.


The essay should be five paragraphs, divided into:


2- three main bodies


I highly recommended reading this book: ( Vromen, A., Gelber, K., Gauja, A. (2009). Powerscape: Contemporary Australian Politics – 2nd Edition. Australia: Allen and Unwin), why is important? Because my teacher said so and through it you will find the structure and the information that you should write it for the essay. My teacher said you have to read just the first and third chapter. In the three body paragraphs, you should defined what is power and politics in three dimension and how it is related to the prime ministry of Australia and listed what is changes about it in the last 20 years, also you should mention the frameworks for governing and how it is related to the prim ministry also what is different and changes about it in 20 years ago. Try explain the three levels of the governments and discussing what is change in the 20 years also discussing the bill of rights and what is changes in 20 years ago, finally I think you get the idea about the listing any changes in the role of prime minister of Australia in the past 20 years and justify the answers. Do not forget it is all about the Prime minister of Australia, if there are nothing changes about hat I mentioned above, I do not mind if you want to write about something or other thing has been changing in the role of the prime ministry, but it should be an academic and related the main idea of the essay question . Also, there is documentary and I will upload the lecture slides so it might help you to understand what I want and write the right thing.



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