presentation on a famous Deaf.

Each student will prepare a presentation on a famous Deaf. Presentations should focus on the life of this person and his/her contributions to American traditions, systems, and diversity.

Ideally, you should choose someone who is new to you! And you must choose one that you and I agree upon so there are no doubles!Presentations will be graded on scope of presentation, depth of presentation, quality of handouts and/or media usage, knowledge of topic and accuracy, ability to demonstrate research done and creation of a literature review with a minimum of 5 references cited.

Here is a list of possible choices :

§ I. King Jordan
§ Bernard Bragg
§ Clayton Valli
§ Gertrude Galloway § Boyce Williams

§ Edna Adler
§ Ben Soukup
§ Nancy Bloch § Frank Bowe
§ John T. C. Yeh

§ David Birnbaum
§ Cadwallader Washburn
§ Fred Schreiber
§ Laurent Clerc
§ Howie Seago
§ Douglas Tilden
§ Phyllis Frelich
§ Alice Cogswell
§ Tyese Wright
§ Carolyn McCaskill Emerson § Glenn Anderson
§ Heather Whitestone
§ Andrew Foster
§ William “Dummy” Hoy
§ Juliette Gordon Lowe
§ Robert Weitbrecht
§ Donald Ballentyne
§ Malcolm Norwood
§ Lowell Myers
§ Eugene Hairston
§ Ernest Hairston
§ Kitty O’Neill
§ Gregory Hlibok
§ Carol Padden
§ William Schyman
§ Philip Bravin
§ Bridgetta Bourne-Firl
§ Jerry Covell
§ Jim Macfadden
§ Tim Rarus
§ Nancy Rarus
§ Marlee Matlin
§ Linda Bove
§ Lou Ferrigno

* Can someone do the Power point presentation with this project?
And how much does it cost?
Thank you


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