practice with a UML design tool, ArgoUML

The purpose of this exercise is to practice with a UML design tool, ArgoUML.
Assignment (20 points – 3% bonus)
Perform the 3 exercise tutorials at: (Links to an external site.) (screenshots after steps 4, 6, 9 & 11) (Links to an external site.) (screenshots after steps 4 & 7) (Links to an external site.) ArgoUML Class Diagram Tutorial (screenshots after sections 6.1 & 6.2)
If you are working the lab, you may get an error when starting ArgoUML, something like “Unable to locate javaws.exe”. If this occurs, you will need to select it yourself by browsing to:
C:Program FilesJavalatestjavaversionbinjavaws.exe
For the screenshots, take a full screen image showing as much of your work in ArgoUML as you can, along with the current date and time from the task bar. Incomplete or missing screenshots will receive little credit.
In step 6.3 of the last tutorial, you can generate any kind of code that you like. Just make sure you include that entire generated folder as part of your .zip file submission.
There is no late submission on this assignment, even with a freebie.
Turn In
Upload your ArgoUML projects, labeled screenshots and all the generated code files in a single .zip file to Canvas


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