Power Systems



  1. Evaluate energy storage and generation methods.
  2. Model and analyse the flow and control of electrical energy within primary power and final distribution systems.


As part of the course you going to a Pumped Water Energy Storage Facility in Wales (26th of October) and as part of a ‘Alternative Energy Insight Day’ (28th of October) to visit a Farm in Warwickshire which utilises   alternative energy systems i.e. Solar Power and Bio Mass. These activities are part of a project in module 304SE with outcomes related to producing a feasibility plan and report for an alternative energy scheme that you are tasked to produce for a remote settlement which is to be energy self sufficient.

Some background:

i.                     The remote settlement location is not connected to a energy grid system

ii.                   The number of dwellings in the settlement is to be determined as shown in appendice 1

iii.                  Each dwelling to accommodate a family unit of up to 4.

iv.                 Dwelling design is based on high energy conservation.

v.                   Remote location terrain is flat plentiful water supply available from an artisan well (6 metre below terrain)

vi.                 Weather as per Mid-UK

vii.                Mobile phone coverage is available.

viii.              Satellite television coverage is available

ix.                 Novel ideas on energy usage, management and conservation should be incorporated


Report Requirements:


To consider the technical requirements of a combined Solar Hydro based energy scheme which would meet the basic electrical energy needs of the settlement.


Report Content:


Chapter 1 Literature Review

Review energy solutions in remote settlements (need to review academic papers and studies made in this field, word count 1200   words to include diagrams and data (20 %)


Chapter 2 Energy Evaluation

Produce an evaluation of the basic energy needs of the settlement approx. 400 words (15 %)


Chapter 3 Solar Scheme

Technical content, solar plant required meet expected demand. (15 %)


Chapter 4 Hydro Scheme

Technical content, hydro plant required meet expected demand. (15 %)


Chapter 5 Scheme Interconnection

Technical content i.e. Hydro and Solar electrical schemes interconnection and detail of the local power distribution system. (20 %)


Summary Conclusions (15 %)


All work must be cited and referenced


Appendices 1

i.                    Number of dwellings found from the integer sum of the first two digits of your Student ID / 4: e.g. INT (5754257 / 4) is 14 (should the result be 0 or 1 then number of dwelling is to be set at 2




My SID is: 5384064


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