Policy analysis paper

1. My topic of this final paper is about the employee pension issue in the City of Boston. The topic could be “Addressing the employee pension liabilities problem in Boston” or something like that. You can also write “Expanding employee pension funding for the City of Boston” My expression is not good. You can choose whichever is easier to write and rephrase it in your own words.
2. This is a term project of policy analysis. I have done 3 assignments about this final project before and I have uploaded them. There are some comments from professor in those paper, you should edit them first ,then you can integrate any part of the first three assignments in composing the final policy analysis. This being said, DO NOT simply cut and paste your short assignments into longer paper. Use that material strategically.
3. I ordered 6 pages. The assignment should run about 14 or 15 pages, including tables and charts (but not bibliography). I have done 6 pages before (Assign 1,2,3). So you can use some pictures and tables in the content, totally about 2 pages. 
If it’s concise and good, fine. Too long is never good. And don’t puff up the page count with pictures. Use all graphics strategically. The point is to lead the reader to the conclusion, not impress the reader with your artistic skills. But don’t have 15 pages of pure text. Nobody will read it.
4.Every policy analysis starts with an executive summary. No more than 1 page. The executive summary is NOT the introduction. Then be sure to write the overview of the issue, Goals and Objectives, Policy Alternatives, Policy Evaluation, and Recommendation and Rationale. 
5.Use footnotes or endnotes, but use Arabic(1,2,3…) numerals. 
6. The total number of references should be around 30. You can see the format of references in samples. Please also provide the source for pictures and tables. 
7. I also uploaded two samples. You can refer to these two samples. They are very clear about the structure. 
8. All in all, please follow all the instructions and provide a clear and well organized structure. Be sure to include every part in the paper, executive summary, overview, Goals and Objectives, Policy Alternatives, Policy Evaluation, and Recommendation and Rationale. 
Thank you!


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