poem annotation

Paper details:it is English 107 not 101 thank you

CRAFT element ( Could be anything),

* choose one poem and one craft element.
* 3 quotes grouping in G-9.

step of analysis

* describe what you see?
* explain the local effect of what you see?
* explain how the local effect serves or more of the pices’s larg goal.

the craft
** intimate subject matter.
** first-person narration
** auto biographical by design.

G-9 how makes you cool when you read it??

so, i think that is a good explaiton i want a poem from G-9 and a 3 quote as well, and a craft elements. i want them to be all together
this is going to be may mid term i do not want to miss this one as the last one!
i want it before 24 hours and less then 10 hours! my class going to be tom at 12:00 PM but i need this before so i can read it and see if there is something was not as i wanted! and you can have time to fix it!
if you feel that you did not get what i wanted please let me know!
thank you so much



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