Pitch for Improving Integrated Care: This 20-point assignment builds off of your Critique of the Local Integrated Care Site. Based on your evaluation/critique of the local integrated care site in your region, and the information covered in this course, you are to develop a less than ten minute narrated PowerPoint presentation using Voicethread. This presentation should be tailored as if given to the site that you critiqued, and explaining your evaluation of their implementation efforts, along with practical suggestions for how they could more effectively impact patient outcomes based on the current model in use. The presentation should:
•Describe strengths of the current system
•Identify areas of growth/change
•Provide specific strategies to improve model success (e.g. implementation of new workflows, fiscal/billing practices to enhance reimbursement, etc.)
•Provide specific recommendations as to how closer alignment with principles/practices of the PCBH model might enhance outcomes.


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