Philosophy of Social Work

  • Purpose: For you to write a clinical assessment on yourself.
  • Length: 6 double spaced pages.
  • You must dig deep here
  • Pages 1-2: Mini Case Study
  • Explore:
    • heritage and culture— Cuban/ Spanish
    • gender and sexual identity—Female well oriented sexually
    • Religion and spiritual views— I am a Cristian and I believe whatever evil people do to others will return as same payment.
    • Appearance and self-esteem—I see myself as a pretty woman with a higher self-esteem. I believe what matter most is how you see yourself. I always visualize my future. I am faithful, positive, and happier, persistent. I do not let people defeat me. I won’t give up. I present strengths and weakness like everybody but I empower myself
    • Health and mental health—emotional stable because I am always with good character, well-adjusted person able to engage and maintain contact with reality. For example, after reviewing a large number of theories of the healthy personality, Jourard and Landsman (1980) noted, “The ability to perceive reality as it ‘really is’ is fundamental to effective functioning. It is considered one of the two preconditions to the development of [the healthy personality]” (p. 75). As indicated earlier, a traditional conception of mental health asserts that the well-adjusted individual possesses a view of the self that includes an awareness and acceptance of both the positive and negative aspects of self.
    • Family structure and ideal family—I was raised in a nuclear family with values such as honesty, trust, integrity and ethics of conduct. I passed this legacy to my son.
    • Learning and communication style (verbal, nonverbal, etc.) I do a lot of nonverbal communication such as gestures with my hands. I am bilingual English and Spanish speaker. I am a visual learner. When I study I like to do summaries and highlight the concepts in different colors. This way I recall the ideas better.
    • Any other personal factors that you deem relevant—

I am – extravert vs introvert– because I am talkative, social and assertive.

Agreeableness vs antagonism—I am a person with a good natured, co-operative and trusting.

Conscientiousness vs undirectedness—I am very organized, responsible and follow directions.

  • Page 3: Why you chose social work —-I am finding a very diverse population in Miami that makes me interesting on. I used to work as a volunteer in a calling center at the church that I assist. I felt great satisfaction and rewarded when I pray through phone for them, giving to them emotional support and listening their problems. ( Please elaborate more on the question)
  • Explore why you chose social work

I chose because some people suggested: “you are good for social work”. I did a personality trait test to see if I fit in. Also, a career matching test that for some reason social worker was one of the fist matching.

  • How that choice relates to any of the factors identified in the first two pages.

One of the factors is my personality trait and values

  • Identify one social work theory that you embody in your philosophy and approach to practice. You will need to APA cite this theory. Note: it does not need to be one of the theories we learned in class. Regardless you MUST explain it fully and clearly.

One of the social work theory that I used to identify with is the psychosocial approach which explain and guides most of the clinical social work practitioners. It is used for crisis intervention. Its goals were to restore, maintain, and enhance the personal and social functioning of individuals through mobilizing strengths; supporting coping capacities; building self-esteem; modifying dysfunctional patterns of thinking, feeling, and relating to others; linking people to necessary resources; and alleviating environmental stressors.

Turner, Francis J. 2009. Psychosocial therapy. In Social workers’ desk reference. 2d ed. Edited by Albert R. Roberts, 248–252. New York: Oxford Univ. Press.

  • Pages 4-5: Your impact to clients

Discuss how who you are and why you chose social work may impact your future clients.

Due to my personality, As an Engaged Idealist I am one of the extroverted personality types. I enjoy working in a colorfully diverse group of people who interest and inspire me. Working all by myself is not my thing. I enjoy emphasizing with those around me and soon everybody senses the high priority and importance people represent to me. Therefore a team-oriented project is just right for me.

My insight into human nature, my feeling for my colleague’s and/or subordinates positive sides and potentials and my preparedness to encourage and support everyone around me to the best of my ability quickly brings them closer to me. People like to ask me for advice, appreciate my caring ways and appreciate to be taken under my wings. Within I am means are always available to others who need me because myself enjoy the ultimate gratification of being able to help others to make the best of themselves and to be successful mediating conflicts among people.

I am well suited to be an executive: It is difficult to resist to my charisma, enthusiasm and ability to excite and motivate others. Authoritarian management attitudes are not my thing; it is my way to convince others of a project’s reason and significance who will then look forward to follow my voluntarily. I place a lot of value on creating the willingness to cooperate in others and with my gift to motivate that usually comes easy to me. I do not enjoy conflicts, need harmony and invest lots of energy and time in a good working climate and a harmonic relationship of my colleagues among each other.

  • Discuss specifically how who you are agrees/disagrees with social work ethics and values and how you plan on dealing with that post-graduation.

I agree with the NASW code of ethics and values but I am aware that my belief cannot generate conflicts in my career. Self- determination is the most important role when treating the client.

  • What barriers may present themselves that harbor client success?

—I do not see barriers that I may interfere with my social work career.

  • What strengths do you have that may promote client success?

—- I am positive, well determined, organized, and consistent. Time management


  • Provide 2 concrete examples of client situations where who you may create barriers for clients and 2 concrete examples where who you may create success for clients. Be very specific.


  1. Being verbally fluent in English is one of a barrier that I consider. It is a focal goal for me to overcome. However, my thoughts are well transmitted and I well express to others. People reported to receive my verbally communication well understood. In order to succeed I am exercising my pronunciation as well as rising my listening and writing skills. —
  2. (Please elaborate more on barriers and success)


  • Page 6 (must be a full page): Action Plan
  • All paragraph form.
  • Create an action plan for your growth and self-care.
  • How will you know when you are doing a good job?

I believe when I see the transformation on people life. Moreover, getting feedback from my clients and meeting their needs. I am open to learn in order to provide the best of the services to my client. I have plan to pursue my master as soon as a finish my BSSW. Also, serve as an educator, adviser. (Please elaborate more)


  • Where will you go for help? — I will go to see my mentor, my supervisor or asking for help to another colleague with considerable years of experience.
  • How will you know you need a break? Identify 2 SPECIFIC GOALS, each with two objectives and two tasks each.
  • Make this assignment worth your while. It is not just another assignment but rather who you are as a person and social worker. Make this your own
  • Required Outline
  • Title: My Philosophy of Social Work
  • My Background
  • Why I chose Social Work—because it is rewarded to rehabilitate, provide, restore people’s live
  • Who I am as a social worker–
  • My Social Work Growth Plan
  • You can use “I, me, we, our, my…”
  • DO NOT BE VAUGE or casual à this is a professional assignment
  • You can attach this to your resume – be proud of it
  • Make the action plan something you will actually use.
  • DUE: DEC 9th by midnight via turn it in. Follow the rubric. NO extensions will be given.


This is worth 30 points.  Please do your best!! J


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